स्काउट्स, मार्गदर्शिकाएँ और N.C.C.


2nd day of rajya puraskar testing camp


1)Guides performing different activities like lashing, knotting, first aid.
2)planning and  meeting with escorts.







K V Bhandup is hosting Rajya Puraskar Testing camp 2017 commencing from 18-07-2017 to 22-07-2017 for Ahmedabad and Mumbai regions.

K V Bhandup extends hearty thanks to all the officials from KVS headquarters, New Delhi and Regional offices of  Ahmedabad and Mumbai.

The camp was inaugurated on 18-07-2017 in a befitting manner, felicitating the LOC & her testing team, contingent leaders of  Ahmedabad and Mumbai regions, escorts and the participating guides.