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Dear Visitor 

Kendriya Vidyalaya Bhandup welcomes you all to our next generation website

In today’s fast changing world ,it is essential to be  updated with information in all related areas and  so also is the  speed of your reach to that information .
Keeping these two things in  mind , our Vidyalaya website has evolved in  its new avatar on the theme of “Agile Information Platform” alias AIP

Agility is about keeping pace with  and adapting to changes quickly and  an attempt to provide the reach of adequate resources to improve your learning process.

Interactivity is the key to our website, where the Students, Parents, Staff and visitors to our website can post their queries over internet to the concerned stakeholders and can get response within agreed time. Hence we are reducing time to resolution of queries and disseminating information at the click of a button.

Social networking is the most talked about  idea these days among students and tech savvy individuals  sites such as Twitter, Face book, Orkut etc. have also been  incorporated into our website to cater to these new trends.

Effort has been  made to make all the pages of the website dynamic, which means updating the data is made easy and managed in csv files; thereby  achieving  the goal of KVS of  publishing the most recent data on the Vidyalaya Website.      

New Sections such as, Parents Section, Current Students and Alumni are introduced with the  idea of reaching out to Parents and old students to  encourage them to post their details and queries directly through the website and in turn get our response faster. Alumni Registration module is an attempt to build the Alumni Forum of all the former students from KV Bhandup and gradually evolve an Alumni community.  

 I encourage all the students and staff to start using our website and provide more suggestions to improve upon what has been initiated.

Thank You !


Kendriya Vidyalaya Bhandup